Happy Holidays! Last chance discount until December 17th

Happy Holidays! Last chance discount until December 17th

Visit our website simplychickieclothing.com

Thank you so much for being a Simply Chickie lover. We hope you can hug the people you love very soon for real! We have a lot of optimism for 2021!

We take a little break here to rest and rejuvenate at the end of the year. We hope you do the same.

So, this is a reminder that December 17th is the last day to order to get your loved ones their holiday package.

Orders after December 19th will be shipped January 4th.

As an extra incentive and our last discount, use 
lastchance2020 for 20% off your order at checkout.

The code expires December 17th. Thank you to Mom_uptown for her beautiful picture of her child in Simply Chickie

Thank you so much!,
Gwendolyn--The Chief Chick    

Visit our website simplychickieclothing.com
Simply Chickie is a 100% organic clothing line, made is the USA, offering fun, cute, soft organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers.
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