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Organic cotton kids t-shirt - Owl

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The cool thing about this organic cotton kid's t-shirt - owl —other than the fact that it’s USA made + sewn with soft organic cotton is that the toddler will smile because it's super soft. It’s machine washable, lead, phthalate and flame retardant free so it won’t irritate your kiddo's skin. And, you get kudos for your savvy sense of humor while helping save the planet. So, go ahead and buy this organic cotton kid t-shirt for the little sweetie in your life! 

Organic kids t-shirt - Owl - Night owl


    Kids t-shirt Sizes:

    Children at these ages typically grow about 5 pounds per year. They tend to be quite active.

    2T Chest: 20-21 inches Height 32-36 inches Waist 19-20 inches Weight 30–34 lbs

    Size translation: Buy this size if you believe the child is approximately 18 months to 2.5 years old, and prefers t-shirts. These t-shirts look super cute with jeans and really express the child’s personalities due to the graphics. This size t-shirt becomes their first favorite because of the bright,fun graphics.

    4T Chest: 22-23 inches Height 36-40 inches Waist 20.5 - 21 inches Weight 35-40 lbs

    Size translation: Buy this size if you have heard the child grows fast, and you are on the fence about a size 2. It makes a great light weight beach cover-up to be worn over bathing suits or tucked into bathing trunks.

    6T Chest: 24-25 inches Height 40-43 inches Waist 21.5-22 inches Weight 41-45 lbs

    Size translation: Buy this size for big kids’ birthdays. They love the graphics, and they can express their personalities wearing the whale, train, or fresh veggie t-shirts especially. Fun beach cover-up as well.

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    Size Chart

    The average size baby is born 7.5 lbs and grows approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs each month, and 1 to 1 ½ inches in height each month.

    3-6 months = Chest: 12-14 inches Height: 20-24 inches Weight: 12-17 lbs

    Size translation: Buy this size when you want Mom and Dad to dress the babe up in your purchase for Instagram stories; and, for those fun early refrigerator magnet pictures with Granny and Grandpa!

    6-12 months = Chest: 14-16 inches Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 17-21 lbs

    Size translation: Buy this size when you cannot make the baby shower. Mom and Dad will appreciate it!

    12-18 months = Chest: 16-18 inches Height: 29-31 inches Weight: 22-24 lb

    Size translation: Buy this size when you cannot remember when the baby was born—but you think--in the last year and a half! Or, pop into the 2T toddler t-shirt section.