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A NEW Gift Set Collaboration with Illuminated Me--Candy sprinkles necklace + T-shirt

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Fun! Sweetness! Connection! We are sprinkling love!

We all need connection now, right! But, we are social-distancing instead, so Sharon from Illuminated Me in Portland, Maine and I from Newport, Rhode Island are connecting and collaborating for the children of the world.

For a short time, while supplies last, Simply Chickie and Illuminated Me are combining our best selling products in a gift box for the “littles” in your life.

Organic cotton, uber soft toddler t-shirt: I go with the flow t-shirt, Night Owl, Local catch (lobster), Local chick and sprinkle necklace. It's the perfect gift: an Illuminated Me candy sprinkles kiddo necklace and t-shirt for that birthday, spring tea party, or companion Mama’s day gift.

Sprinkles are known for making sweets festive. For many people, they evoke happiness. The sight of rainbow sprinkles brings delight to those who view them.

We will wrap each toddler t-shirt and necklace in a signature fuzzy chick box. You will get the best gift award we’re sure and be loved for your fun and sweetness!

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Size Chart

The average size baby is born 7.5 lbs and grows approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs each month, and 1 to 1 ½ inches in height each month.

3-6 months = Chest: 12-14 inches Height: 20-24 inches Weight: 12-17 lbs

Size translation: Buy this size when you want Mom and Dad to dress the babe up in your purchase for Instagram stories; and, for those fun early refrigerator magnet pictures with Granny and Grandpa!

6-12 months = Chest: 14-16 inches Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 17-21 lbs

Size translation: Buy this size when you cannot make the baby shower. Mom and Dad will appreciate it!

12-18 months = Chest: 16-18 inches Height: 29-31 inches Weight: 22-24 lb

Size translation: Buy this size when you cannot remember when the baby was born—but you think--in the last year and a half! Or, pop into the 2T toddler t-shirt section.

2T = Chest 20 - 21 inches Height 32 - 36 inches Waist 19 - 20 inches

Size translation: Buy this size when you want a t-shirt for a 2 year old. This size can also be worn as a beach cover-up.

4T = Chest 22 - 23 inches Height 36 - 40 inches Waist 20.5 - 21 inches

Size translation: Buy this size for a big 3 year old and a 4 year old.

6T = Chest 24 - 25 inches Height 40 - 43 inches Waist 21.5 - 22 inches

Size translation: Buy this size for a big 5 year old and a 6 year old.