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Why Organic Cotton is a Good Choice

In a previous post, titled Why Conventional Cotton is Wasteful - And Dangerous, we outlined some of the most harmful effects of conventional cotton farming and clothing production. As a follow-up, here are just a few of the best reasons to begin buying organic cotton clothing instead.

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Organic Cotton Holiday Gift Ideas

While summer is definitely the season for babies being born, new births barely slow at the end of the year. With more than 700,000 babies being born in November and December each year, you might want to consider organic cotton clothing in your lists of Holiday gift ideas – for babies and toddlers – and for new moms.

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Why Conventional Cotton is Wasteful - And Dangerous

Conventional cotton farming uses more pesticides than any other type of agricultural production. Many of these chemicals are harmful to the farmer and the environment. Plus, trace elements of these chemicals can be found in cotton products following production – including clothing for sensitive babies and toddlers.

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Simple Ways to Go Organic

For many, the urge to “go organic” is quashed by the idea that making environmentally conscious choices are too expensive, inconvenient, and just not worth the trouble. The good news is, if you're looking for simple ways to go organic, you can choose organic versions of just a few foods that you eat often to increase the percentage of organic food in your diet without big changes to your shopping cart or your spending.

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Join the Green Baby Movement

At Simply Chickie, we’re very proud to be part of what has become known as the “Green Baby Movement”, which is about creating healthy babies and health in the world for the next generation. From pregnancy to birth and from birth throughout life, the foods we eat and feed our children teach them, both consciously and unconsciously, where our priorities lie – and where theirs should, as well.

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Fun Facts About Babies

While August has recently been the most popular month for babies to be born, with the eight month of the year leading in 10 of the latest 16 years, summer is generally the time of year that most babies are born: July through September.However, on average, something over 700,000 babies will be born in November and December, making the Holidays a time of multiple celebrations for many families across the country.

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Eco-friendly Baby Shower Gifts for Expectant Moms

Looking for sustainable and earth friendly gift ideas for a friend or family member’s baby shower or new baby? Simply Chickie organic clothing is a great option for giving the new little bundle of joy something unique and special, while also supporting eco-friendly mommies.

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Women’s Nauti-girl Organic Hoodie Sweatshirt

Brand new from Simply Chickie – and just in time for the cooler fall temperatures – introducing our “Nauti-girl” organic hoodie. Both unique and stylish, this sweatshirt is unlike any other clothing item you’ve seen!Made in the USA from organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, this ultra-soft sweatshirt carries our design embroidered onto the back, with all of the exquisite work being done by union workers in our home state of Rhode Island.

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Women’s Nauti-girl Organic Long Sleeved T-shirt

Just in time for fall, when the temperatures drop quickly in the evenings but the days are still nice, we’re introducing the “Nauti-girl” 100% organic cotton long-sleeved T-shirt for women.Whether you live on a coast or in the mountains, this super soft organic long sleeved T-shirt will keep away the chill.

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Impact of Home Environment on Your Baby

Concern for the environment and the long-term health of the planet is obviously a good thing since, as of today, we have no alternative to living on Earth. But, there is ever more research that shows the impact of home environment on your baby is even more important, at least during the early stages of development.

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Why Organic Cotton is a Goo...

In a previous post, titled Why Conventional Cotton is Wasteful - And Dangerous, we outlined some of the most harmful...

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