Best Baby Shower Gifts

Best Baby Shower Gifts

In an age of online shopping you would think finding the best baby shower gifts would be a breeze, right? But, in the “information age” in which we live, it often seems like there are too many choices. What is a grandma or auntie to do when she is looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower?

Of course, we have the answer… Simply Chickie 100% organic cotton baby rompers and onesies!

Grandmas Love Simply Chickie

Organic cotton baby clothing may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you're shopping for a new mom in the family. After all, organic cotton clothing is a relatively new concept for most of us, not to mention as a solution for a new baby. Yet, here at Simply Chickie, grandmas and aunties are overwhelmingly the largest segment of our customers.

Simply Chickie is popular with these ladies when a daughter or sister is having a baby. As they make plans to attend the upcoming baby shower, they want a fun, cute, cool, and practical gift. In most cases, they realize that their daughter or sister is environmentally conscious and interested in Made in the USA products.

Top 5 Reasons Organic Cotton Clothing Makes a Great Gift:

  1. Made in the USA
  2. 100% Certified Organic baby clothing
  3. Graphics use water-based, eco-friendly ink
  4. Perfect for environmentally conscious moms
  5. Safer for baby’s sensitive skin

Designed by a mom who was inspired by her own pregnancy, which was quickly followed by a breast cancer diagnosis, Simply Chickie organic baby clothing was developed to offer a safer alternative to moms, grandmas, and aunts who understand the need for dressing babies in eco-friendly clothing.

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