What is your wow word? Business Lessons through Children’s Books

By Gwendolyn Gardner

So what's your "Fancy Nancy" word? The one wow word you use to describe your business? Do you fumble with your pitch? I'm well a ________. I create_________. What I really do is_____________.

Who are you really?

What word comes to mind when others think of you? It should be a magic word! It should be one word.

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While reading the children's book, Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, I realized the importance of a "go to" word.

What word describes your business?

You are in the elevator in Trump Tower, and the cute French guy next to you says, "What do you do?"

Little Nancy says, "I think fancy words are almost like magic. You can take a plain word like feather and----presto change---o!---turn it into something special...a plume! Fancy words also sound beautiful and are fun to say, especially ones in French!....When you use one in a sentence, it's like adding sprinkles to vanilla ice cream!"

Well, my answer to the French guy is...."I own an irreverent organic children's clothes line—www.simplychickieclothing.com!"

"Ooh la la he says---irreverent, oui!"

Yes, I figured out the one word that really describes my business. I'm more than funny, more than organic, more than cute-I'm irreverent. I think about that word every day, and what it means.

You have to know who you really are ----not who you want to be.

If you want to be something/someone else-then become that-because you are only faking your existence-your business---until you embrace the real you-the real word-the language that represents your business-you.

We become the language that we speak and write. That word-that language---walks into the room first.

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Are you as Fancy Nancy says, "Ooh la la! French for Look! How wonderful!"

Are you as Fancy Nancy says, "Zany---very silly."

I struggled with this idea for a while-was I green? Was I organic? Was I funny? I am more than that.

A friend said in casual conversation---you know, Gwen, what I love about you and your line is that it's irreverent-because you are irreverent. A light switched on in my head. Yes, I am. I wrap myself in my irreverent nature every day, and I love to!

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