Best Baby Shower Gifts 2019

Best Baby Shower Gifts 2019

What are the best baby shower gift ideas?

Oh boy! Oh girl! Oh—not sure what it is—newborn!

A newborn is on the way. Your sister, your best friend or your neighbor is having a baby shower or gender reveal party next Saturday. But what is the best gift to give a newborn from you—the best auntie or uncle?

Moms and Dads need many items: bibs, pacifiers, lotsa onesies (also known as short sleeve baby rompers and long sleeve baby bodysuits), socks, diapers, diaper bags, strollers, and car seats.

Babies drool a lot and eventually start eating food so several bibs are always appreciated because Mom and Dad will go through a lot of them.

Another good item that babies use a lot of are baby onesies because they drool, spit up their milk, and eat, and—well, you know… Find baby rompers that will last multiple washings and can be passed on to the next baby in the family or cousin - this is both financially and ecologically friendly!

We advocate organic cotton baby rompers, they typically come in 0–3, 3-6, 6-12, and 12-18 month sizes and are good for babies soft porous skin.

Gift givers can forget that babies need socks to keep their little feet warm, but this item can be a welcome gift—and there are many cute ones to choose from.

For the practical gift giving, crafty auntie, you may want to be fun and put together a basket of diapers or diaper “cake.” There are cloth versions out there in stores and on the internet. Of course, you could pack several in a luxury diaper bag. Check the size when you are picking them up as there are different sizes organized by weight just like the baby onesies.

Strollers and car seats are on the more expensive side of the gift giving list, but Mom and Dad will love taking this item off their own list of must get necessities.

New life is wonderful. New life elicits smiles from pure strangers you encounter and tell in line at Market Basket.

My new baby evoked a poem that I printed on a baby romper and eventually became my best seller. (Inside me I’ve got: world peace, 2 rainbows, light from 4 stars, green stuff, milk, some dog hair and a raisin.)

Of course, whatever you decide to give will be much appreciated. Having a baby in your life is such a special time. Enjoy!

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