Each one of us can make a difference!

Each one of us can make a difference!

We are all finding our way through this unknown, changing by the minute, time: reaching out to friends, providing moral support, financial support, and caring for the sick. Each one of us can make a difference. I have been falling asleep thinking of ways to help my community locally, nationally, and globally.

I know self-care is important which is why I teamed up with several awesome small businesses on Instagram last week to give away a large self-care package. And, guess who won? An infectious disease doctor in New York City! Who better to receive our gift! I feel better giving.

In that spirit—here’s what I’m doing to stay healthy so that I can help others:

  • I’m walking outside by myself—and frequently with my newly adopted Pomeranian (pictured above) when it’s sunny. I’m doing sun salutations (yoga) inside when it’s raining. My puppy, Simba, grabs my feet when I engage in this act.
  • Connecting with family and friends via e-mail, texting, calling, zooming, Google hanging-out each day—especially with my Mom!

In an effort to help others, I wanted to share some resources that my friends offer that you will want to check out—I will create additional lists of great companies throughout this health crisis for you all. Here are 3!

Teddy Bears

Have you seen the teddy bear trend? Teddy bears are appearing in windows around the world for children uniting neighbors and providing children a fun social distancing scavenger hunt. If you want to join the trend, check out Kristina’s website—she lives in New York—Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears-- Sensory toys that create memories and spark the imaginations of the next generation https://kristinaluciateddybears.com

5 Steps for Better Energy Boundaries during a Pandemic

Rebecca Kellogg lives in California and is a life-long intuitive. Her company embodies--Energy Evolution for Changemakers. She wrote this blog recently to help during the pandemic.  https://rebeccakellogg.com/5-steps-better-energy-boundaries-pandemic/

Illuminate yourself

My Portland, Maine pal, Sharon, started her jewelry company Illuminated me to honor the unique elements that define us, and to bring light to the powerful emotions that unite us. Each piece is designed as a personal homage to the histories, architectures, traditions, and cultures of the global community. I have my eye on the chocolate one! It represents harmony, love, and clarity. https://www.illuminatedme.com/collections/chocolate/products/chocolate-large-hexagonal-necklace

Stay safe my friends!

Cheers, Gwen—The Chief Chick

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