Fun Facts About Babies

Fun Facts About Babies

Which month are most babies born? Summertime is THE hot season for having a baby.

  • While August has recently been the most popular month for babies to be born, with the eight month of the year leading in 10 of the latest 16 years, summer is generally the time of year that most babies are born: July through September.
  • However, on average, something over 700,000 babies will be born in November and December, making the Holidays a time of multiple celebrations for many families across the country.
  • The most popular days of the week for babies to show up are Tuesday and Wednesday, with a strong preference for Tuesdays for the past two decades!


Who is baby’s favorite, “mama” or “dada?” Well… probably neither.

  • New parents simply love to hear baby call out to them, some even going so far as to self-identify as baby’s favorite parent if the child’s first word identifies one over the other. (
  • Based on the latest research however, your baby is simply mimicking the most common words she or he happens to hear. Because the human brain is “hard-wired” to recognize repetitive sounds as a tool for learning language, the mama that is around 24/7 will likely be identified before the dada who is not. (Of course, in a non-traditional household where the father is the primary care-giver, the reverse will most likely be true.)

What do babies dream about? Not much, apparently.

  • While babies DO spend about half of their sleep time in REM sleep (the type of sleep in which older children and adults dream), they lack the input and imagination to dream about their world. Instead, according to the latest research, REM sleep in babies is a way to build the neural pathways required for cognition and, later, for dreaming!
  • Researchers think self-awareness is necessary for the insertion of the self into dreams. This means that vivid dreams with structured narratives set in at age 7 or 8, around the same time children develop a clear understanding of their own identity.

Will my baby be overweight? Don’t worry, baby fat is normal – as is a phenomenal growth rate!

  • Babies double in weight during their first five months of life. Don’t worry though, babies are basically milk monsters who do nothing but eat, sleep, poop, and grow in freakish amounts. They're unstoppable.
  • If your baby continued his first year's growth rate, she would be 170 feet tall by the time she became an adult! Get her in the WNBA!
  • Odd fact – babies born in May weigh more than those born in other months; averaging nearly half-a-pound more than their brothers and sisters born during the rest of the year!
  • Pay attention when feeding your baby. If he or she turns her head at a spoonful of food, it is because they are full. (This is also where shaking your head “no” comes from.)

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