How to be a mindful parent during summer chaos

How to be a mindful parent during summer chaos

Our Tips On Mindful Parenting

It’s summer!!! This season is THE season you look forward to—later sunsets, warmer weather, picnics, beaches, and popsicles! In our rush to have fun and get everything in-- remember not to add stress to your daily routine.

Choose mindful parenting. You will reduce your parental stress by following these simple parenting tips.

What does mindful parenting mean?

1) It means putting down the cell phone and paying attention.
2) It means getting up 15 minutes early to have your coffee or meditate.
3) It means watching your child play tennis, soccer, softball once in while.
4) It means ice cream at your local farm or city favorite.
5) It means reading your favorite book NEXT to your child reading her favorite book.


What mindful parenting doesn’t mean—

1) It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.
2) It doesn’t mean on every sunny day you have to make it to the beach.
3) It doesn’t mean enrolling your child in camp so that he doesn’t become bored for the entire summer. (Being bored is a good thing once in a while—this act can lead to creative pursuits!)
4) It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on anything.


There are a lot of mindful parenting resources and mindful parenting books that you can read this summer—just check out your local book store for fun. Parenting stress can hurt a child, so it’s a good idea to get a handle on coping with parental stress sooner rather than later.

After you mediate tomorrow morning, you can google: mindfulness based parenting and mindful awareness parenting for other mindful parenting strategies.

Simply sit back and chill and have that strawberry popsicle! One for you and one for your kiddo!


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Image Source: Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

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