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How to be a mindful parent this year!

It’s a new year. This season is THE season you look forward setting goals with optimism! In our rush to have fun, set goals, and get everything in—give yourself a break to reflect and rethink your daily routine.

Choose mindful parenting. You will reduce your parental stress by reflecting on these simple parenting tips.

What does mindful parenting mean?

  • It means putting down the cell phone and paying attention.
  • It means getting up 15 minutes early to have your coffee or meditate.
  • It means watching your child play tennis, basketball, and swim once in a while (not looking at your phone). Be present. You want your child to look over at the sidelines and see you looking directly at her.
  • It means preparing taco Tuesday together in the kitchen.
  • It means reading your favorite book NEXT to your child reading her favorite book.

What mindful parenting doesn’t mean—

  • It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.
  • It doesn’t mean on a rainy day you have to plan activities for him. (Being bored is a good thing once in a while—this act can lead to creative pursuits!)
  • It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on anything.

There are a lot of mindful parenting resources and mindful parenting books that you can read—check out your local library or book store for fun.

After you mediate tomorrow morning, you can search: mindfulness based parenting and mindful awareness parenting for other mindful parenting strategies.

Choosing a Mindful Gift for Baby & Parent

Choosing to gift baby and parents is always a thoughtful decision. Our baby and toddler rompers, t-shirts and accessories are always GOT Certified. This means the Organic cotton we use to make our clothing is grown without harmful pesticides, promoting a healthier environment for farmers and reducing the ecological footprint.


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