How to make your baby shower eco-friendly! 5 Tips

How to make your baby shower eco-friendly! 5 Tips

Any event or celebration carries with it volume—more people, more gifts, more food, and more space. But, if you are mindful of your footprint, you can alleviate some of the waste and not so eco-friendly actions that occur.

Here are 5 ways to make a baby shower more eco-friendly.

  • Invitations—You can send e-mail baby shower invites, of course.


You can also opt for baby shower invitations that are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper, or even banana leaf and coconut fiber paper. This company creates plantable baby shower announcements. Read it and plant it!


  • Decorations –Plastic table clothes and paper plates can be replaced with real linens and live plants. If you live on the Island (Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth - Rhode Island) or Fisher’s Island, New York, you can check out for her beautiful orchids that will up-level any baby shower! Or, check out your local organic farmer’s market for great in-season local plant ideas.


If you choose to go with an outside venue with picnic tables at the beach, you can find compostable and biodegradable plates and utensils that will make clean-up easier without hurting the environment.


  • Food – You can shop your local farmer’s market again for organic and fair trade ingredients. Some items served at baby showers that you don’t often think about include: chocolate, sugar, and coffee. It’s important to find good companies using sustainable and fair trade practices as these products are huge crops that impact the earth a lot. There are many options—google for good companies in your town.


  • Gifts – There are many items on a gift registry where you can choose recycled, organic, and natural options. Some consignment stores often have brand new items with tags.


Check out car seats made with organic cotton (Nuna), changing pads and crib mattresses (Naturepedic); Bambo Nature (disposable diapers); toys, rattles, blocks, teethers (Bannor Toys), soaps, lotions, and washes ( Choose organic cotton baby clothes for the next eco-friendly baby shower because baby skin is more porous. Start babies out right with organic onesies! (


  • And, leave the wrapping paper in the store; instead, wrap the baby shower gifts in organic cotton baby blankets, sheets, towels, re-useable bags, or baskets.


When you are cleaning up after the shower, don’t forget to use baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar to wipe up those sticky spills!


Smiles and hugs for the new mom are always organic!


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