I do not know if these hands will become Malcolm's...

I do not know if these hands will become Malcolm's...

Raised and fisted or Martin’s—open and asking or James’s—curled around a pen. I do not know if these hands will be Rosa’s or Ruby’s gently gloved and fiercely folded calmly in a lap, on a desk, around a book, ready to change the world . . .”…Jacqueline WoodsonBrown Girl Dreaming.

My daughter and I attended the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Providence last week because we must show up in ways we are able.

Different perspectives can be birthed in a multitude of ways—including: meeting new people, walking different streets, or reading.
Before founding Simply Chickie, I was an educator for many years all over New England, San Antonio, Texas, and Tokyo, Japan. I taught English and English as a Second Language.

Books and art can educate and inspire change.

May I suggest:

Jacqueline WoodsonBrown Girl Dreaming.  (Newbery Honor and National Book Award in Young People’s Literature winner among other awards) Woodson is a renown YA Author. She was born in 1963. She has a wonderful, memorable laugh too!

Nikki GiovanniCotton Candy on a Rainy Day. (Langston Hughes Medal and NAACP Image Award winner among numerous awards) She was born in 1943.

“I share with the painters the
to put a three dimensional picture,
On a one dimensional surface,” 
      - Nikki Giovanni.


Ralph EllisonInvisible Man. (National Book Award among other awards) He lived from 1914 to 1994. 

In his own words looking back on his legacy, “Invisible Man was a book that changed the way white Americans thought about black Americans. It also changed the way black Americans thought about themselves,” Ralph Ellison.

“I denounce because though implicated and partially responsible, I have been hurt to the point of abysmal pain, hurt to the point of invisibility. And I defend because in spite of it all, I find that I love,”        - Ralph Ellison.

James Mercer Langston Hughes. Multiple works including 16 collections of poetry and 12 novels. Choose one. Major leader of Harlem Renaissance; early innovator of jazz poetry. His work helped shape American literature and politics. 

“I’m so tired of waiting, aren’t you, for the world to become good and beautiful and kind?”      - Langston Hughes.
All of these books can be found on “that” website we all know, but may I suggest:


And this website for more discoveries:

Another way to take in the beautiful flavor of the Harlem Renaissance is through Teri Johnson’s candle company. She’s online, but can also be found during the holidays at the Grand Central Station’s holiday fair. (TBD this year in light of the pandemic) Her booth is always like velvet—luxurious.

The Harlem Candle Company is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem. Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.”
Here are five artists you can check out: 

Sometimes we need to scream a lot!

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