Impact of Home Environment on Your Baby

Impact of Home Environment on Your Baby

Concern for the environment and the long-term health of the planet is obviously a good thing since, as of today, we have no alternative to living on Earth. But, there is ever more research that shows the impact of home environment on your baby is even more important, at least during the early stages of development.

After all, newborns tend to spend little time outside, where air pollution and other factors may cause their developing bodies harm. On the other hand, the air in your home, the chemicals you use for cleaning, the carpeting upon which your baby learns to crawl, the soap you use to bathe your baby, even the clothes you choose for her to wear, may contain toxins that are harmful, in both the short- and long-term.

In other research, even parental stress can have a profound negative effect on children – from the very young to teens.

In an article at, author Teresa J. Mitchell presents a somewhat stunning and surprising list of some of the simplest, most useful items of convenience in the homes of most people that may be toxic to babies.

Is it time to detox your home for your baby?

A quick tour of virtually any modern home will uncover a number of potentially toxic areas and items that you will want to remove from the environment that directly affects your baby.

  • Kitchen – From cleaning products stored beneath the sink to plastic containers and pots and pans, not to mention the baby foods you choose, the “most popular room in the house” has the potential to be a mine field of toxicity for young children.

  • Living room – Your electronics and furniture contain flame retardants and other chemicals that may leak into the dust in your living room (or any other room), while allergens and bacteria can grow in upholstery, draperies, and carpeting. With a baby’s penchant for putting things in her mouth, these can be extremely harmful.

  • Bathrooms – Once again, we have a room where many dangerous chemicals are stored beneath the sink. Beyond these however, your personal care products have the potential to do great harm – not just to your baby but to you, as well. Many of the most common ingredients in these products have been linked to health problems for adults, so just imagine how they might harm a still-developing child.

  • Baby Clothing – While not mentioned in the article, safer clothing for babies and toddlers, and for moms, is a focus of interest for us here at Simply Chickie. Without being too redundant, let’s just say that baby clothing made with traditional cotton has the potential to be loaded with chemicals from the growing process. Because of this, we advocate in the strongest terms for 100% organic clothing for young children.

Taking the time to clean up and detox your home will make a far safer environment for your baby to grow up strong and healthy – and will be healthier for you, as well.

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