Keep your sanity; Here's how to do holiday shopping mindfully!

November 09, 2017

Keep your sanity; Here's how to do holiday shopping mindfully!

Omg! You haven’t started shopping for the holidays yet? OMG! Relax. Shop mindfully. Here’s a guide to moving through the holiday season blissfully.


Mindful tip 1)

First, grab a glass of Josh wine or Starbucks cappuccino. Take a look at your phone—the last 20 people you text is your list. (Children and babies (Lol) without a phone do count—add them).


Mindful tip 2)

Grab a nice silver box of cards with snowflakes, or cardinals, or a fun animal at a holiday fair or local shop and several containers of Mccreas caramels (6 of them) for those people you may have missed, for that last minute invite, and yourself.


Mindful tip 3)

Accept all invitations to parties! This is the season to rejoice in your family and friends. Don’t skip a party because you feel you need to go shopping.


Mindful tip 4)

Ask close family to create an “I’d love to have…” list. You can shop online for those items during November—with more Josh wine or a latte.

Mindful tip 5—and this tip is the best one)

Enjoy meandering this season. There are so many farmer’s markets and local holiday craft shows. Just go and wander. If you happen to find something you love, buy it. You think it’s awesome, so a person on your list will too. They will feel the excitement and love that inspired you.

Trust me.

I wouldn’t go into a show, a store, a mall and say—now, I have to get something for…because the energy is misplaced there.

You may find a beautiful dish and want to bake cookies for your best friend. You may see lovely mittens and decide to use your skills and knit some yourself for your neighbor. You may find an awesome bourbon for your husband from a one-of-a-kind seller.

Be open.

Be inspired.

Be grateful.

Be full of anticipation for the wonders you will find. You will love the season and the experience more!


You may find you have been inspired so much that you have leftovers for next season!

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