More Online Praise for Simply Chickie

More Online Praise for Simply Chickie

For me, the founding of Simply Chickie was an act of love; for my newborn daughter and for myself. Since I couldn’t find organic baby clothes for her, I decided to create my own. Today, we keep growing, often with the help of other online blogs and reviewers who’ve discovered what we’re doing and want to help us bring our message to others.

For example:

Simply Chickie was recently the subject of a wonderful article at; titled, Growing Organically – Behind the Business with Gwendolyn Gardner of Simply Chickie.

In what is largely an informational piece, the author, Jesse Wallace, was kind enough to interview me as a way to share the organic clothing we produce, how it came about, as well as our mission and business vision – to offer healthier baby clothing to moms, grandmas, and aunties.

The tone of the piece was very complimentary, as shown in Jesse’s introduction:

“You know that old saying about what to do when life hands you lemons? It can seem a little quaint when they come in the form of real crisis. But when the obstacles are overcome, and the result is a life changed for the better, the lemonade can taste pretty sweet. So it was for Gwendolyn Gardner and her organic clothing company Simply Chickie.”

Thank you Jesse, for taking the time to speak with me and write such a nice piece about Simply Chickie clothing, and me.

High Praise for Simply Chickie Organic Clothing

In a completely unrelated article, Tiffany at was kind enough to publish a very flattering review of Simply Chickie baby clothing: Simply Chickie Makes Safe, Fun and Special Clothes!

In her review, Tiffany explains that she was searching for an alternative to regular cotton clothing for her own baby girl and, as she said “[she] wanted comfortable, safe and special clothes. Luckily I found Simple Chickie Clothing”.

She then goes on to say:

“We received two pieces to review. Believe me, it was difficult to choose just two! Little lady got a “Local Chick” onesie and my guy got an “Inside Me I’ve Got” T-shirt. Obviously cotton is soft, but something about the organic cotton is silky soft. I adore the poem that Gwen created for the Inside Me T. Because really, we hope and wish for the best for our kiddos and sometimes, dog hair happens. I’ve seen other local type shirts, but they are always city or region specific. This one can make any area local. The color on the chick is vibrant and adorable. I have my eye on a few things for myself and a gift for a friend!”

I can’t even begin to tell you how rewarding it is when other mommies offer such high praise for the line of organic baby clothing I’ve designed and produced. That she found the artwork and sayings on our onesies and T-shirts to be fun and cute is also very satisfying.

Thank you Tiffany, for expressing your happiness at finding Simply Chickie organic baby clothing, and for sharing it with your readers.

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