Pregnancy and COVID-19

Pregnancy and COVID-19

Pregnancy and COVID-19

Baby and pregnancy information is always on my radar since I sell baby clothing! So, I wanted to alert you to a COVID-19 study called the Priority Study which is a research project underway collecting data on pregnant and recently pregnant women under investigation for or recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Feel free to forward to the upcoming new mamas in your life!

The Priority Study is a joint initiative between researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and University of California, Los Angeles. The Priority Steering Committee includes medical doctors from across the country including Stanford, Harvard, Emory, Baylor, and Cornell. The link is here:

Here are a couple of facts we know about coronavirus and pregnancy now. “Pregnant women are at higher risk for many infections because pregnancy suppresses the immune system. Some illnesses can impact the health of the fetus, but the risks of COVID-19 are not yet clear,” according to an April 6, 2020 article entitled What We Know and Don’t Know about Coronavirus and Pregnancy by Nina Bai.

There is very little information about pregnancy and Covid-19 now which is why the study is very important. The only data available at this point is out of China with a study done on around 30 pregnant women with Covid-19.

“The outcomes in those reports were relatively mild: all the women survived, they didn’t seem more likely to have severe illness, and there didn’t seem to be evidence of transmission to the baby during pregnancy,” said UC San Francisco perinatologist, Stephanie Gaw, MD, PhD.

Additionally, Gaw said, “Some viruses can be passed from mother to fetus in utero, including  Zika, cytomegalovirus, rubella, and measles, and others during delivery, such as HIV, herpes and hepatitis – but respiratory viruses generally are not, said Gaw.

Please refer to the article below for more information about what we know now.


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