Pretty Pictures!

I want to share NEW pretty pictures of fun products! I have wonderful photographers who live in Connecticut (Walker Studios LLC); and, on Instagram, you can find them under @wsbrandstories.

They help me share my story. And, what’s super fun is that Amy continues to have babies, so I always seem to have cute little ones who fit into my products whenever I have new designs to share. LOL!

How about the SpaceX Launch last week! Yaye! Check out our Made in America rompers, t’s, hats, and blankets to celebrate—and July 4th is right around the corner! Order now. Click on the picture!

Made in USA organic baby romper, baby hat, baby blanket

Last year I had a store in New York City, so I grew to love New York even more while traveling there every week. I created a poem about the city.

The cream cheese addition in the New York Inside Me poem was the idea I had after ordering the bagel from a food truck on 8th avenue. That cream cheese was spread evenly onto the just-right toasty halves. The cream cheese was not handed to me separately!

I love New York organic baby romper

And, who doesn’t love the “I love New York” saying—but I create baby clothes—so I used a New York skyline and added “already.” “I already love New York” is now on rompers, t-shirts, hats, and blankets.

I love New York organic baby romper, baby hat, baby blanket

Summer is upon us as well—so we have local honey t’s, rompers, and hats.

Honey organic baby romper

Ice cream is a delicious part of summer. I scream a lot comes in lime and raspberry. Buy both in a box for the twins in your life—or just because…

Ice cream organic baby romper

Of course, you need a mini-golf t-shirt, romper, and hat, right!

Golf kid t-shirt

Cheers Gwen!

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