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Talking To The American Made Marketplace Podcast

January 25, 2019

Talking To The American Made Marketplace Podcast

This month, the founder of Simply Chickie Clothing, Gwen Gardner, was invited to take part in The American Made Marketplace podcast, talking about how she started Simply Chickie and why organic clothing is important for your baby.

Speaking with Geralyn Breig who hosts the podcast, she explains how Simply Chickie is a calling which was born from a personal need. "Over 14 years ago I found out I was pregnant and the next day I found out I had breast cancer, so I decided to go organic. I've always had a passion for writing but my canvas now just happens to be t-shirts and baby onesies."

Under the Simply Chickie Clothing brand, Gwen creates gender neutral, organic baby clothes and baby blankets which have a sense of humor and include some funny sayings.

Many moms and dads are now choosing to wait until their baby is born to discover the sex of their baby, so Simply Chickie's unisex baby onesies are on-trend!

After going organic, Gwen began to really understand the impact that fast fashion has on the global environment and the people who are making the clothes. The individuals who sew and print the clothing are paid a living wage as well.

Organic cotton is less harmful to the environment and being American made reduces the clothes' carbon footprint because they are not being shipped as far.


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About The American Made Marketplace Podcast, brought to you by AnytownUSA:

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