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Top Ten Summer Activities For Kids

The school doors close across the country this month, and the yearly question arrives. “What are we going to do this summer?”

There are a multitude of summer activities for kids: indoor and outdoor, free and paid. Here are some reminders! I know you will say…”Oh yeah.”

Clearly, if you live near a beach or lake, your children will find plenty to do surfing the waves, swimming to a raft, tossing a ball, or simply digging and building castles.

Growing up, my good friend would greet me at the door of her home and say. “Do you want to make something, bake something, or play something?” It was my favorite question.

Indoor Summer Games For Kids

On rainy days, indoor games for kids and free summer activities for kids can include:

  1. The local arcade
  2. Mad Libs over lemonade and chips
  3. Creating chocolate cupcakes and decorating with lots of fun accoutrements found at Michael’s Craft store or your local grocery baking section
  4. Plays with the clothes mom and dad don’t wear anymore
  5. A trip to the library or book store for story time—or for older kids roaming the aisles for a favorite book
  6. Create a nail salon in the kitchen and paint palm trees on nails and tiny suns on toes
  7. Coloring or creating collages with those magazines that you have half read
  8. Local museums give some fun tours
  9. Perfect time to check out the aquarium or planetarium
  10. Tour the lighthouses if you live on the coast

Outdoor Summer Games For Kids

Outdoor fun summer activities for kids can include:

  1. Pick strawberries and blueberries this time of year at your local farm
  2. Check out the local hiking trails
  3. If you live near a city, there are multiple ways to take a tour—try a horse drawn carriage or double decker bus
  4. Plan a scavenger hunt around town
  5. Check out local farmer’s markets. Frequently, there are kid activities and free music.
  6. In addition to farmer’s markets there are artisan markets everywhere where you can explore and have wonderful food from food trucks. I am usually at SOWA and the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston each week, but your town will also have weekly and monthly ones too.
  7. Shakespeare in the park plays abound –and sometimes the renditions are free
  8. Outdoor movies are also fun
  9. Miniature golf adventures are popular for the entire family and you can bring your little one along in our Mini Golf Onesie
  10. Free and paid summer concerts typically start up after July 4th.

Now go have some fun, and let us know what you did on our Facebook page!

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