Unique Organic Baby Shower Gifts: You Can’t Find Elsewhere

You are going to a baby shower! Yeah!

Now, what should you give? Of course, you can always check the registry, but if you want to give a gift that will always be appreciated, you may want to think about rompers because babies go through a lot of them!

Baby rompers are great organic baby shower gifts to give because they are comfortable and have stretch. There are many options to choose from today. Of course, we always strongly suggest you only choose organic cotton options. See a previous post.

Wait, but what size romper do you get as a gift for the new baby?

Well, babies are typically born between 6 – 8 pounds. Here is a quick run-down of average weights of a newborn up to 18 months.

Newborn -  7lbs and 19 inches long

0 – 3 months up to 12 lbs and 23 inches

3 – 6 months up to 16 lbs and 25 inches

6 – 12 months up to 22 lbs and 29 inches

12 – 18 months up to 34 lbs and 32 inches

When getting a baby gift for the new baby a good size to give is the 3 – 6 months one because they will  grow into it quickly. A 3 – 6 month size fits up to 16 lbs. And, a 16 lb newborn would be quite an unusual sight!

Babies go through a lot of onesies due to spitting up and other mishaps. A mom can change a baby three times a day. Seven to 14 onesies is a good start unless you think mom and dad like doing laundry every day!

Organic cotton baby rompers last longer and can be handed down to brother, sisters, and friends.

Of course, you may want to purchase a couple of different sizes—say a 3/6 and 6/12, or even the larger size if you know mom has a large family and may be getting other baby romper gifts or hand me downs!

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