What Does “Made in USA” Labelling Mean?

August 02, 2016

What Does “Made in USA” Labelling Mean?

As you may know, Customs and Border Protection require online retailers that export to the U.S. to clearly label that product’s “country of origin”. Sometimes though, determining the country of origin can be tricky, so let’s look at a few examples:

  • A product is designed on U.S. soil and exported overseas for manufacturing. The product is then imported back to the U.S. and packaged here before distribution.

  • A product is partially manufactured on U.S. soil, with the materials exported to Vietnam to be assembled into the final product.

  • The entire manufacturing and production process occurs in China, but the product is packaged on U.S. soil before sending it to market.

What do all of these “country of origin” examples have in common? None of these products can legally use the label “Made in USA”, though many are. Instead, the company might say, “Made in China: Packaged in USA”, or “Designed in USA: Made in China.” But, if the product claims to be “Made in USA”, the company runs the risk of Customs seizing the product shipment, getting slapped with a hefty fine, and flagging the company for greater scrutiny in the future. And, once a company is on their radar, Customs will flag them again, and again.

Simply Chickie Clothing is Made in USA

Whether you’re in product design, supply, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, importing, exporting, distribution or you’re selling a private label product on Amazon, these stricter regulations DO apply to you!

  • For overseas suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, online retailers: By law, the U.S. government won’t necessarily chase you down. As previously mentioned however, U.S. Customs will be watching where products are coming out of — if one of your products gets a flag, don’t be surprised if YOU do, too! Keep an eye out for the day when Customs no longer allows flagged manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to ship their products to the States… what a nightmare for business growth!

  • For importers, especially online sellers who are importing product to sell on platforms like eBay or Amazon: for any kind of labeling and packaging, always check with your supplier. If the product goes overseas at any point in the production process, check & double-check the kind of labeling that is being put on it before you try importing it.

No matter what role you play in the production process, we promise that following these stricter rules and regulations is in the best long-term interest of your company.

Why are we sharing this information today? Because, we want to assure you that Simply Chickie organic baby clothing is 100% Made in USA; designed, grown, and produced right here in the States.

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