Why I do what I do….translating that mission into other languages…

February 04, 2018

Why I do what I do….translating that mission into other languages…

I launched Simply Chickie baby and toddler clothing to make people laugh, spread the idea of world peace, and make people aware of what they put on their body.

If you can make someone laugh, that person will pay attention to you.

My most popular romper and the one that truly launched the company, Inside me I’ve got, had a sweet beginning.

The Inside Me poem sprouted after a nap I took with my baby daughter, Elizabeth. I woke and felt her soft breath on my cheek along with the irresistible smell of baby. It took about 2 days to create my short 20 word Inside Me poem, but Simply Chickie was launched.

inside of me poem | Simply Chickie Clothing

The Inside Me poem continues to be my number one seller through the years. One woman walked up to me recently, and said, “Oh my goodness!” She pointed at the romper. “I bought that 10 years ago. All my children wore that onesie, and I’m saving it for my grandchildren.”

I decided to have a little fun a few months ago and ask for translations of the poem into other languages. Here is what I have so far—

Dentro de mí tengo:
la paz mundial
2 arco iris
luz de cuatro estrellas
Cosa verde
un poco de pelo de perro
 una pasa
Inni meg jeg har
2 regnbuer
Lys fra 4 stjerner
Noe grønt
Noen hund hår
Taobh istigh dom tá:
síocháin domhanda
Dhá tuar ceatha
solas ó ceithre réaltaí
Stuif glas
Roinnt gruaig madrai

Please feel free to send us your translation! We hope Simply chickie and the poem inspires joy, promotes reflection, makes the simple moments come alive, and empowers you!

Inside Me I’ve Got
World Peace
2 Rainbows
Light from 4 stars
Green stuff
Some dog hair
inside of me | simply chickie clothing

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