Introducing our new Heart-Centered Organic Tank Top for Women.

Heart-centered living means choosing to live from the intelligent awareness and intuitive knowing that can only be accessed from a connection to the very center of your being as a woman; the inner you that sees and feels the world and those around you in a positive and loving way.

Often, this heart-centered view of the world and humanity is the result of overcoming great tragedy or serious illness, or from simply giving birth to a child and feeling an almost overwhelming sense of love on a daily basis.

Whatever the cause of your heart-centered approach to life, which I know from personal experience can be deeply intimate and individual, this ultra-soft and comfortable organic tank top will show the world that you are a caring and loving woman – a truly heart-centered person – and just may inspire others to view the world, and live their own lives, in the same way.

Produced using ultra-soft, GOTS certified bamboo and organic cotton, grown without any herbicides and pesticides, these tanks are 100% made in the USA. Plus, the long body of the top fits well over yoga pants as well as jeans.

If you're looking for super-comfortable organic clothing to wear while working out, doing yoga, just lounging around or sleeping, this new tank top will really fill the bill for you. Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large sizes for women.

Get yours today at our Special Introductory Price!

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